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Društvo / Ron Swanson
« on: May 30, 03:00:43 PM 2020, »
Sramota da nema svoju temu.

Politika / Mizes o nacionalizmu
« on: May 14, 07:49:26 PM 2020, »
It is unbelievable how deep-rooted these vicious ideas of hegemony, domination, and oppression are even among the most distinguished contemporaries. Seńor Salvador de Madariaga is one of the most internationally minded of men. He is a scholar, a statesman, and a writer, and is perfectly familiar with the English and French languages and literatures. He is a democrat, a progressive, and an enthusiastic supporter of the League of Nations and of all endeavors to make peace durable. Yet his opinions on the political problems of his own country and nation are animated by the spirit of intransigent nationalism. He condemns the demands of the Catalans and the Basques for independence, and advocates Castilian hegemony for racial, historical, geographical, linguistic, religious, and economic considerations. It would be justifiable if Sr. Madariaga were to refute the claims of these linguistic groups on the ground that it is impossible to draw undisputed border lines and that their independence would therefore not eliminate but perpetuate the causes of conflict; or if he were in favor of a transformation of the Spanish state of Castilian hegemony into a state in which every linguistic group enjoyed the freedom to use its own idiom.

But this is not at all the plan of Sr. Madariaga. He does not advocate the substitution of a supernational government of the three linguistic groups, Castilians, Catalans, and Basques, for the Castile dominated state of Spain. His ideal for Spain is Castilian supremacy. He does not want “Spain to let go the work of centuries in one generation.” However, this work was not an achievement of the peoples concerned; it was the result of dynastic intermarriage. Is it right to object to the claims of the Catalans that in the twelveth century the Count of Barcelona married the King of Aragon’s daughter and that in the fifteenth century the King of Aragon married the Queen of Castile? Sr. Madariaga goes even further and denies to the Portuguese the right of autonomy and statehood. For “the Portuguese is a Spaniard with his back to Castile and his eyes on the Atlantic Sea.” Why, then, did not Spain absorb Portugal too? To this Sr. Madariaga gives a strange answer: “Castile could not marry both east and west at one time”; perhaps Isabel, “being a woman after all, ... preferred Ferdinand’s looks to Alfonso’s, for of such things, also, history is made.”

Sr. Madariaga is right in quoting an eminent Spanish author, Angel Ganivet, to the effect that a union of Spain and Portugal must be the outcome “of their own free will.” But the trouble is that the Portuguese do not long for Castilian or Spanish overlordship. Still more amazing are Sr. Madariaga’s views on Spain’s colonial and foreign affairs. Speaking of the American colonies, he observes that the Spanish monarchy organized them “faithful to its guiding principle—the fraternity of all men.” However, Bolivar San Martin, and Morelos did not like this peculiar brand of fraternity. Then Sr. Madariaga tries to justify Spanish aspirations in Morocco by alluding to Spain’s “position which history, geography and inherent destiny seemed obviously to suggest.” For an unbiased reader there is hardly any difference between such an “inherent destiny” and the mystical forces to which Messrs. Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin refer in annexing small countries. If “inherent destiny” justifies Spanish ambitions in Morocco, does it not in the same way support Russian appetites for the Baltic countries and Caucasian Georgia, German claims with regard to Bohemia and the Netherlands, Italy’s title to Mediterranean supremacy?

- Ludwig von Mises

Opsta Teologija / Američki televanđelisti
« on: April 22, 06:47:40 PM 2020, »
Novinar pita televanđelistu o nekoj izjavi i privatnim avionima koje poseduje.

His demeanor is so sinister he doesn't even seem real. Like a villain in a horror movie.

Opšte teme o umetnosti / Lepo(ta)
« on: January 14, 11:30:38 AM 2020, »
Pre neki dan nas je napustio veliki Rodžer Skraton i neka tema o nečemu čime se bavio ceo život otpočne postom posvećenim njemu.

Večni pomen.

Politika / Kriza u Crnoj Gori
« on: December 27, 01:01:00 PM 2019, »
Crnogorska vlast usvojila zakon, čija je poenta uzimanje imovine SPC.

Ljudi se protive, protestuju na ulicama, mnoge su pretukli (jednog vladiku). Srpska opozicija je pretila građanskim ratom u skupštini i pravila haos, pa su ih priveli u policijsku stanicu.

Istorija / Mizes o Rusiji (1927)
« on: November 21, 09:58:24 PM 2019, »
The  law-abiding  citizen  by  his  labor  serves  both  himself  and  his  fellow man  and  thereby  integrates  himself  peacefully  into  the  social  order. The  robber,  on  the  other  hand,  is  intent,  not  on  honest  toil,  but  on  the forcible  appropriation  of  the  fruits  of  others’  labor.  For  thousands  of years  the  world  had  to  submit  to  the  yoke  of  military  conquerors  and feudal  lords  who  simply  took  for  granted  that  the  products  of  the  industry  of  other  men  existed  for  them  to  consume.  The  evolution  of mankind  toward  civilization  and  the  strengthening  of  social  bonds  required,  first  of  all,  overcoming  the  intellectual  and  physical  influence of  the  military  and  feudal  castes  that  aspired  to  rule  the  world  and  the substitution  of  the  ideal  of  the  bourgeois  for  that  of  the  hereditary  lord.

The  supplanting  of  the  militaristic  ideal,  which  esteems  only  the  warrior  and  despises  honest  labor,  has  not,  by  any  means,  even  yet  been completely  achieved.  In  every  nation  there  are  still  individuals  whose minds  are  altogether  taken  up  with  the  ideas  and  images  of  the  militaristic  ages.  There  are  nations  in  which  transient  atavistic  impulses toward  plunder  and  violence,  which  one  would  have  presumed  to  have long  since  been  mastered,  still  break  out  and  once  more  gain  ascendancy.  But,  by  and  large,  one  can  say  of  the  nations  of  the  white  race that  today  inhabit  central  and  western  Europe  and  America  that  the mentality  that  Herbert  Spencer  called  “militaristic”  has  been  displaced by  that  to  which  he  gave  the  name  “industrial.”  Today  there  is  only  one great  nation  that  steadfastly  adheres  to  the  militaristic  ideal,  viz.,  the Russians.

Of  course,  even  among  the  Russian  people  there  are  some  who  do not  share  this  attitude.  It  is  only  to  be  regretted  that  they  have  not  been able  to  prevail  over  their  compatriots.  Ever  since  Russia  was  first  in  a position to exercise an influence on European politics, it has continually  behaved  like  a  robber  who  lies  in  wait  for  the  moment  when  he  can pounce  upon  his  victim  and  plunder  him  of  his  possessions.  At  no  time did  the  Russian  Czars  acknowledge  any  other  limits  to  the  expansion  of their  empire  than  those  dictated  by  the  force  of  circumstances.  The  position  of  the  Bolsheviks  in  regard  to  the  problem  of  the  territorial  expansion  of  their  dominions  is  not  a  whit  different.  They  too  acknowledge  no  other  rule  than  that,  in  the  conquest  of  new  lands,  one  may  and indeed  must  go  as  far  as  one  dares,  with  due  regard  to  one’s  resources. The  fortunate  circumstance  that  saved  civilization  from  being  destroyed  by  the  Russians  was  the  fact  that  the  nations  of  Europe  were strong  enough  to  be  able  successfully  to  stand  off  the  onslaught  of  the hordes  of  Russian  barbarians.  The  experiences  of  the  Russians  in  the Napoleonic  Wars,  the  Crimean  War,  and  the  Turkish  campaign  of 1877–78  showed  them  that,  in  spite  of  the  great  number  of  their  soldiers,  their  army  is  unable  to  seize  the  offensive  against  Europe.  The World War merely confirmed this.
More  dangerous  than  bayonets  and  cannon  are  the  weapons  of  the mind.  To  be  sure,  the  response  that  the  ideas  of  the  Russians  found  in Europe  was  due,  in  the  first  place,  to  the  fact  that  Europe  itself  was already  full  of  these  ideas  before  they  came  out  of  Russia.  Indeed,  it would  perhaps  be  more  nearly  correct  to  say  that  these  Russian  ideas themselves  were  not  originally  Russian,  however  much  they  may  have suited  the  character  of  the  Russian  people,  but  that  they  were  borrowed by  the  Russians  from  Europe.  So  great  is  the  intellectual  sterility  of  the Russians  that  they  were  never  able  to  formulate  for  themselves  the  expression of their own inmost nature.

Liberalism,  which  is  based  completely  on  science  and  whose  policies  represent  nothing  but  the  application  of  the  results  of  science, must  be  on  its  guard  not  to  make  unscientific  value  judgments.  Value judgments  stand  outside  of  science  and  are  always  purely  subjective. One  cannot,  therefore,  classify  nations  according  to  their  worth  and speak  of  them  as  worthy  or  as  less  worthy.  Consequently,  the  question whether  or  not  the  Russians  are  inferior  lies  completely  outside  the scope  of  our  consideration.  We  do  not  at  all  contend  that  they  are  so. What  we  maintain  is  only  that  they  do  not  wish to  enter  into  the  scheme of  human  social  cooperation.  In  relation  to  human  society  and  the community  of  nations  their  position  is  that  of  a  people  intent  on  nothing  but  the  consumption  of  what  others  have  accumulated.  People among whom the ideas of Dostoyevsky,  Tolstoy,  and Lenin are a living force  cannot  produce  a  lasting  social  organization.  They  must  revert  to a  condition  of  complete  barbarism.  Russia  is  endowed  far  more  richly by  nature  with  fertility  of  soil  and  mineral  resources  of  all  kinds  than is  the  United  States.  If  the  Russians  had  pursued  the  same  capitalistic policy as the Americans, they would today  be the richest people in the world.  Despotism,  imperialism,  and  Bolshevism  have  made  them the  poorest.  Now  they  are  seeking  capital  and  credits  from  all  over the world. Once  this  is  recognized,  it  clearly  follows  what  must  be  the  guiding principle  of  the  policy  of  the  civilized  nations  toward  Russia.  Let  the Russians  be  Russians.  Let  them  do  what  they  want  in  their  own  country.  But  do  not  let  them  pass  beyond  the  boundaries  of  their  own  land to  destroy  European  civilization.  This  is  not  to  say,  of  course,  that  the importation  and  translation  of  Russian  writings  ought  to  be  prohibited. Neurotics  may  enjoy  them  as  much  as  they  wish;  the  healthy  will,  in any case, eschew them. Nor does this mean that the Russians ought to be  prohibited  from  spreading  their  propaganda  and  distributing  bribes the  way  the  Czars  did  throughout  the  world.  If  modern  civilization were  unable  to  defend  itself  against  the  attacks  of  hirelings,  then  it could  not,  in  any  case,  remain  in  existence  much  longer.  This  is  not  to say,  either,  that  Americans  or  Europeans  ought  to  be  prevented  from visiting  Russia  if  they  are  attracted  to  it.  Let  them  view  at  first  hand,  at their  own  risk  and  on  their  own  responsibility,  the  land  of  mass  murder and  mass  misery.  Nor  does  this  mean  that  capitalists  ought  to  be  prevented from granting loans to the Soviets or otherwise to invest capital in  Russia.  If  they  are  foolish  enough  to  believe  that  they  will  ever  see any part of it again, let them make the venture. But  the  governments  of  Europe  and  America  must  stop  promoting Soviet  destructionism  by  paying  premiums  for  exports  to  Soviet  Russia and  thereby  furthering  the  Russian  Soviet  system  by  financial  contributions.  Let  them  stop  propagandizing  for  emigration  and  the  export of capital to Soviet Russia. Whether  or  not  the  Russian  people  are  to  discard  the  Soviet  system is  for  them  to  settle  among  themselves.  The  land  of  the  knout  and  the prison-camp no longer poses a threat to the world today. With all their will  to  war  and  destruction,  the  Russians  are  no  longer  capable  seriously  of  imperiling  the  peace  of  Europe.  One  may  therefore  safely  let them  alone.  The  only  thing  that  needs  to  be  resisted  is  any  tendency  on our part to support or promote the destructionist policy of the Soviets.

Istorija / Istorija moderne Srbije
« on: February 23, 04:53:23 PM 2019, »
Smatram da ova tragedija (koja ne prestaje) zaslužuje posebnu temu.

Muzika / Talenat?
« on: February 19, 06:17:59 PM 2019, »
+ talenat naravno.

Iskreno, mislim da ta stvar uopšte ne postoji (bar onako kako se važi), da je još jedan od ljudskih mitova.

Istorija / Zanimljivosti iz istorije
« on: February 07, 07:41:13 PM 2019, »
Pre pojave moderne nauke, Zapadna civilizacija je bila slabija od ostatka sveta. Mongoli su 1241. sa delom snage (ratovali su na Bliskom Istoku i u Kini takođe) u prostoru od dva dana, ne pobedili, nego anihilirali vojske dve velike evropske sile.

Na redu je bila Nemačka (Sveto Rimsko Carstvo), ali se dogodilo da je kan Ogedei iznenada poginuo na glup način, te se mongolska horda iznenada povukla u Karakorum da izabere novog. Nikakve sumnje nema da bi uništili Evropu i da to niko ne bi mogao da zaustavi.

Čak su i Rusiju pregazili usred zime.

Muzika / Rodoljub Roki Vulović
« on: January 28, 02:29:47 PM 2019, »
Ovaj legendarni čovek me u poslednje vreme oduševljava, isto kao i mnoge ljude na internetu. Muzika (koja itekako ima dušu) je uglavnom posvećena borcima iz njegovog kraja (Bijeljina, Semberija), mada se nađe i neka sa drugom tematikom.

Za početak, "Narod je htio":

Eleftheria / Snake diet motivation
« on: December 29, 10:39:14 AM 2018, »

Blogovi / Aurorovina
« on: November 21, 09:14:40 PM 2018, »
Ispisah imena sedam najviših arhangela, bilo mi moćno.

Politika / Trump derangement syndrome
« on: November 15, 05:01:25 PM 2018, »

Askeza / Свети Јован Кронштатски
« on: September 18, 12:56:55 PM 2018, »
Човек који апсолутно заслужује своју тему.

Slikarstvo / Eleftheria posteri
« on: September 16, 07:24:42 PM 2018, »
Forum smo koji ima najbolje postere :)

Original: "Die Toteninsel", Arnold Böcklin

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