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Nauka - Tehnika - Physis / Re: O programiranju generalno
« on: July 17, 02:34:08 PM 2019, »
dodge a bullet

To narrowly avoid something or some situation that turns out to be undesirable, disastrous, dangerous, or otherwise harmful.



Eleftheria / Re: Ljudi su awesome!:)
« on: July 06, 11:03:08 AM 2019, »
The officers ride bicycles for the NYPD’s Strategic Response Group and were on detail in Union Square when they stopped in the Whole Foods to grab some cold water and a quick lunch.

The female shoplifter, whose identity has not been revealed, had been stopped by security guards, who called the cops over.

“I asked her ‘What’s going on?'” Sojo recalled. “She told me she was hungry. I looked in her bag,” which held three cardboard takeout containers with food from the buffet.

“And I decided we’ll pay for it.”

The decision was made by the lieutenant and Officers Michael Rivera and Esnaidy Cuevas without a word between them, Sojo said.



Blogovi / Re: John Connor Chronicles
« on: July 05, 10:35:25 PM 2019, »
Life sucks, onda ostaris, izgubis snagu, zdravlje i odes u Vecna Lovista...

Kad razmislis o tome shvatis da stvarno nema cega u zivotu da se plasis. Nista ne moze da bude gore od toga sto vec jeste. I nema nikakve potrebe da se covek plasi, brine, nervira, da zivi "pod rucnu", okleva itd. Lepo rece Bukowski - Go All the Way. Budi neustrasiv. Neka ljudi misle da si potpuno lud, to je kompliment. No speed limit. No fear. No pain. No mercy. Kad na kraju razmislis o svemu da se sam sebi nasmejes i kazes - e, stvarno sam bio lud, ali nista nisam propustio.

Cirkus / Re: Smeh kroz suze
« on: July 03, 01:28:00 PM 2019, »

Cirkus / Re: Smeh kroz suze
« on: July 03, 10:45:29 AM 2019, »
Ovo je neverovatno kako mu se faca transformise u sekundi... :)

Društvo / Re: Degeneracy
« on: July 02, 01:25:24 PM 2019, »
Nadam se da ce da se izvinu decku sto su ga uznemiravali ...

Kakva je to banda. Srbijom vlada banda razbojnika.

Društvo / Re: Degeneracy
« on: July 01, 02:02:33 PM 2019, »
Ova kamala harris, njeni roditelji su profesori na univerzitetima, ziveli su u univerzitetskom okruzenju. U 100 marki smem da se kladim da sve sto je rekla - da je izmisljotina.

100%. Lazu kako zinu.

Društvo / Re: Degeneracy
« on: July 01, 12:59:15 PM 2019, »
Odvratno...  :(

Politika / Re: Donald Trump - lik i delo
« on: July 01, 11:15:30 AM 2019, »
Tucker je bio na licu mesta, prenosi utiske:


Big balls indeed...

Politika / Re: Uspon nove desnice
« on: July 01, 10:26:01 AM 2019, »
Charlie Kirk je odlican:

Politika / Re: Donald Trump - lik i delo
« on: June 30, 02:14:22 PM 2019, »
Beauty and the Beast...  :D :D :D

President Trump Delivers Remarks to United States Service Members

Politika / Re: Donald Trump - lik i delo
« on: June 30, 01:48:08 PM 2019, »
Nek prica ko sta oce, ali covek zavrsava poso. Svaki ovakav susret smanjuje mogucnost sukoba za 50%. Svaka cast.

Politika / Re: Normalni levicari
« on: June 30, 12:52:20 PM 2019, »
Zanimljive stvari se desavaju... Veoma zanimljive. :)

Buchanan: Memo to Trump: Trade Bolton for Tulsi

"For too long our leaders have failed us, taking us into one regime change war after the next, leading us into a new Cold War and arms race, costing us trillions of our hard-earned tax payer dollars and countless lives. This insanity must end."

Donald Trump, circa 2016?

Nope. That denunciation of John Bolton interventionism came from Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii during Wednesday night's Democratic debate. At 38, she was the youngest candidate on stage.

Gabbard proceeded to rip both the "president and his chickenhawk cabinet [who] have led us to the brink of war with Iran."

In a fiery exchange, Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio countered that America cannot disengage from Afghanistan: "When we weren't in there they started flying planes into our buildings."

"The Taliban didn't attack us on 9/11," Gabbard replied, "Al-Qaida attacked us on 9/11. That's why I and so many other people joined the military, to go after al-Qaida, not the Taliban."

When Ryan insisted we must stay engaged, Gabbard shot back:

"Is that what you will tell the parents of those two soldiers who were just killed in Afghanistan? 'Well, we just have to be engaged.' As a soldier, I will tell you, that answer is unacceptable. ... We are no better off in Afghanistan than we were when this war began."

By debate's end, Gabbard was the runaway winner in both the Drudge Report and Washington Examiner polls and was far in front among all the Democratic candidates whose names were being searched on Google.

Though given less than seven minutes of speaking time in a two-hour debate, she could not have used that time more effectively. And her performance may shake up the Democratic race.


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