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Eleftheria / Intermittent Fasting
« on: November 13, 04:57:05 PM 2019, »

Istorija / Respect...
« on: November 05, 06:53:53 PM 2019, »

The First Medal of Honor Ever Recorded

Muzika / Otkaceni muzicki spotovi
« on: October 31, 03:03:09 AM 2019, »

Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice

Cirkus / Udri brigu na veselje :)
« on: October 11, 04:24:27 PM 2019, »
Irci kad im avion kasni dva sata... :)

Etika / Edward Snowden
« on: September 24, 09:47:39 PM 2019, »

Istorija / WWII
« on: June 07, 01:11:47 AM 2019, »
Danas je 75. godisnjica D-day, saveznicke invazije na Evropu.

Evo nesto zanimljivo i manje poznato u vezi toga:

Eleftheria / Life++
« on: May 23, 01:30:05 PM 2019, »

Eleftheria / Majstorstvo
« on: April 17, 01:52:39 AM 2019, »
Ovo je stvarno fantasticno. Vestina, strpljenje, pedantnost, upornost... Vidi se da je Svajcarac! :)

Etika / Julian Assange uhapsen...
« on: April 11, 05:35:51 PM 2019, »

Istorija / Stari snimci
« on: March 24, 03:35:12 AM 2019, »
Setnja kroz New York City 1911, fascinantno... :)

Društvo / 2nd Ammendment in action
« on: March 12, 05:43:50 PM 2019, »
Jan 2019

Jan. 1: Just hours into the new year, a Beaumont, Texas, homeowner was alerted to the presence of danger by a tripped burglar alarm. He shot and wounded the attempted burglar, then called police for assistance.

Jan. 2: The security officer of a grocery store in Loomis, California, confronted a couple suspected of shoplifting. When one of them pulled a knife and tried to stab the security guard, a good Samaritan with a concealed weapons permit drew his firearm, stopped the confrontation, and held the couple at the scene until law enforcement arrived.

Jan. 7: A private security officer in Huntsville, Alabama, prevented a potential mass shooting by shooting a nightclub patron who—angry at having been removed from the club—returned while firing a semi-automatic rifle.

Jan. 8: A 68-year-old man in Corpus Christi, Texas, called police after shooting a would-be burglar who attempted to enter his home through a second-story balcony.

Jan. 8: A Chicago woman with a concealed carry permit shot and killed a man who attempted to rob her at a bus stop after the man displayed a weapon. A surveillance camera at a nearby pharmacy captured the incident, and the owner of the pharmacy told reporters that this type of violence happens “all over” Chicago. Here, however, the intended victim could defend herself. “I’m 100 percent with her,” the pharmacist said. “I think this is one of the best ways to teach people you can’t just come up and take things.”

Jan. 9: An Arizona man awoke to the sound of four intruders breaking into his home. He flicked his lights on and off several times to warn the intruders that someone was home, hoping this would cause them to flee. But the intruders proceeded to smash windows and enter through the back door. The homeowner opened fire, hitting all four intruders and killing one.

Jan. 10: A Florida resident held an intruder at gunpoint until law enforcement could arrive. The man had broken into the garage and was in the process of filling his bag with the homeowner’s firearms and ammunition.

Jan. 13: A 90-year-old Pennsylvania man refused to open his door at 3 a.m. when a much younger man repeatedly pounded on it, demanding a cigarette. When the younger man decided to break in, the homeowner shot him in the leg with a revolver before calling police.

Jan. 15: An 18-year-old burglar crawled through the doggie door of a residence near North Pole, Alaska, and charged at the homeowner. The teen fled when the homeowner fired a warning shot.

 Jan. 17: A disruptive customer shot and killed an IHOP employee in Huntsville, Alabama. When the customer began firing on others in the restaurant, another employee pulled out his own handgun and likely saved many lives.

Jan. 19: A Chicago woman with a concealed carry permit fended off a would-be robber in the city’s Hyde Park area.

Jan. 20: A Houston homeowner found himself outgunned and outnumbered during an armed home invasion, but managed to use his own firearm to kill three of his attackers and wound the fourth.

Jan. 23: Police responded to a 9-1-1 call from St. Louis, Missouri, resident who used his firearm to protect the other people in his home from three armed men attempting to force their way inside. One intruder was shot and killed on the scene while the other two fled.

Jan. 28: A woman arrived at her Campobello, South Carolina, home to find it being burglarized for the second time in just a few weeks. She shot one of the three intruders, while the other two fled the scene and were later arrested by law enforcement

Jan. 29: A customer inside a Family Dollar store in Dekalb County, Georgia, shot and killed an armed robber who had pulled a gun on two employees. Several other customers were also in the store at the time.


Eleftheria / Freedom Trek: Belgrade, Serbia
« on: March 05, 06:43:34 PM 2019, »
Matt je fenomenalan lik, brat libertarijanac. Danas mi stize email sa ovim linkom... :)

Matt Kibbe and his crew of intrepid filmmakers are invited to Belgrade, Serbia to speak about freedom. While in town, they hook up with local friend and guide, Petar, to learn about Belgrade’s communist past and where it’s headed in the future. They take time to sample some of the amazing food, drink, and culture that Serbia has to offer. This is what they found.


Društvo / Dissenter.com
« on: March 01, 02:19:26 AM 2019, »
Novi web sajt kompanije Gab koja je nastala kao free-speech alternativa Twitteru:


Omogucava komentarisanje bilo kojeg linka na jednom mestu, moze da se instalira i kao ekstenzija za browser:

Dissenter is the comment section of the internet. It creates a digital public square on every URL. Leave your own comments and discover what others have commented in the past. Try it on news articles, blog posts, Wikipedia pages, YouTube links, and even individual tweets.

For the best experience, we recommend downloading and installing the Dissenter Browser Extension.

Dissenter is powered by Gab.com, a user-owned social networking platform dedicated to protecting free speech online for all people.

Politika / Normalni levicari
« on: February 26, 11:09:20 PM 2019, »
Nazalost, uvek su najglasniji ludaci, ali ima puno ljudi sa drugacijim stavovima koji su i dalje razumni i normalni. To je veoma lepo videti.

Primer br. 1 Jimmy Dore:

Hillary Clinton's New Book Filled With Lies & Finger Pointing

Blogovi / John Connor Chronicles
« on: February 19, 09:24:27 PM 2019, »
Снага воље

Дође онај тренутак кад треба нешто да урадиш и немаш ”воље”. Или си почео па наиђеш на проблем и немаш ”вољу” да се суочиш са њим и уложиш напор да га решиш. Немаш ”енергије”. Па видех доста људи пишу и мудрују о томе неки саветују да се ”натераш” или себе некако ”превариш” итд.

Из мог искуства, ти савети нису добри, у ствари је номогуће тако превазићи ту препреку. Треба разумети одакле то долази, шта је то у ствари. То није ”мишић” који човек може да напрегне ”својом вољом” (парадокс). Јер кад би имао ту унутрашњу снагу онда се не би човек мучио око проблема који треба да реши, већ би га решавао.

Снага воље је унутрашње стање душе. Снага воље није ништа друго него унутрашњи мир и радост. Кад си смирен, задовољан, испуњен животом. Туга, стрес, негативне емоције убијају ту снагу. Човек је њима ”повређен”, а повређен мишић не може да подигне тежину. Нема ”снаге”. Док мишић не зацели нема никакве сврхе ”терати” га, може само још више да се повреди. Оно што зову ”прокрастинација” је у ствари само сигнал из унутрашњости да нешто није у реду и да је потребно исцељење.

Често ми и нисмо свесни да смо повређени па покушавамо да се ”натерамо”, а не иде. Тад је у ствари важно бити свестан свог унутрашњег стања па се посветити исцељивању. То је размишљање, праштање, молитва, исповест, медитација, излазак у шетњу или природу. Потребно је време и пажња.

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